Sephora Sumer Sale Picks You Need to Have!

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Sephora Sumer Sale Picks You Need to Have!

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The Sephora Summer Sale is not always well known.  They are super quiet about it and just discount in the sales section quietly.  I have scraped through the sale and have come up with my top picks for this Sephora Summer Sale 2018!

Let’s get into the must-haves of the Sephora Summer Sale:

Sephora Summer Sale Picks

Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio – WAS: $39.00, NOW: $27.00


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio is great for travel.  The colours that are on sale are on the cooler side and probably not moving because warm colours are the rage right now.  Don’t fall for it! Blush tones for your skin are custom, meaning you shouldn’t follow too many trends when it comes to blush.  I think these tones are gorgeous and the fact that there are three in one casing is perfect.

Sephora Summer Sale HighlighterUrban Decay Kristin Leanne Beauty Beam Highlighter Palette – WAS: $45.00, NOW: $20.00

If you’re familiar with the YouTuber Kristin Leanne she did a collaboration with Urban Decay.  My hunch is that since a lot of this collab is on sale, it probably didn’t do very well.  However, the highlighter palette is as good as any other that I’ve seen.  So knowing this and knowing how well Urban Decay does highlight, this is definitely something you should pick up.

Sephora Summer Sale Tarte Rainforest

Tarte Colour Splash Lipstick Rain Forest of the Sea Collection – WAS: $27.00, NOW: $20.00

The Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea Collection is definitely here to stay.  I think they are just getting rid of some of the colours that aren’t selling well.  However, the colour shown here “Sunlit” – has flecks of gold and rose gold tones within it.  If you have been watching my Instagram stories you’ll know I’m obsessed with this look.  There are also more Rain Forest of the Sea Lipstick Colours not on sale which are very moisturizing and creamy so you guys may want to try those out too!  All of the Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea Collection have this element of island beauty and a beachy vibe.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Never Never Land – WAS: $22.00, NOW: $15.00

The Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are my favourite.  They always have the best colours and the wear is long lasting and chip free.  Right now, I’m coveting purples and pinks for summer and I think this is the best time to also stock up on neutral nail polish from Deborah Lippmann since the quality is so amazing.  Trust me on this one, you won’t be disappointed!

First Aid Beauty Clear Complexion Pads – WAS: $37.00, NOW: $18.50

The First Aid Beauty Clear Complexion Pads are something that I thought was a huge discount I couldn’t resist.  When you can find skincare at a low price, that is the best time to purchase because skincare can be super expensive.  So, when you want to try out a new regimen our skincare routine, try finding something on sale from a reputable brand such as this one: First Aid Beauty.

Sephora Summer Sale

Living Proof Ultimate Beauty Kit – WAS: $33.00, NOW: $22.00  

I love Living Proof as a brand.  My hair is finicky and doesn’t respond well to drugstore brands.  Living proof gave my limp hair life.  This product is a dry shampoo and the kit comes with hair ties which is key after you dry shampoo! This product is made for nights out with super amounts of volume.  I think the dry shampoo from living proof is one of their best products.

That’s it for me right now but I think there are more picks in the Sephora Summer Sale that I would love to try.  There are also a ton of brush kits in the sale that I would pick up which I didn’t include in this Sephora Summer Sale roundup.

Let me know what you picked up during this amazing Sephora Summer Sale and I’m happy to share it with my readers!

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