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Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

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One of the best cleansers that also exfoliate is Tatcha The Deep Cleanse.  If you’ve ever tried any products from Tatcha, you’ll know that they really focus on clean skin and bringing the best of your own features.  You can also read about my previous review on the Best Asian Skincare brands where I talk about the Tatcha Cleanser and the Water Cream from the line.

Tatcha The Deep Cleanse contains luffa fruit extract and is perfect for oily to normal skin.  The directions are simple: apply to wet face and rinse! I love when cleansers are super simple like this.  When I wash it off, my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry but it feels completely clean!

The Packaging of Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

The packaging of the Tatcha Deep Cleanse is long and slender and their signature turquoise.  It’s a very simple bottle that allows you to squeeze out as much product as you need.  I love cleansers that are simple and easy to use and don’t require a long wait time.

I bought the mini size at Sephora of Tatcha The Deep Cleanse because I wasn’t sure how my skin would react.  It comes in a 50 mL and 150 mL sized bottle.  Sephora does have a mini size that includes The Water Cream which you can purchase here: The Pore-Perfecting Moisturizing Duo for $30.

The Application of Tatcha The Deep Cleanse

When you squeeze out the product it has bits of stringy looking particles and smells a bit medicinal.  However, if you’re familiar with The Water Cream they both smell quite similar.  The idea behind Tatcha is to keep things very simple and natural.  It also acts as a natural exfoliate so there is no need to use another product.

If you have oily skin and are looking for a cleanser with a bit more of an exfoliation then you will love The Deep Cleanse by Tatcha.


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