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Ole Henrikson Truth Serum

Ole Henrikson Truth Serum

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Why Ole Henrikson Truth Serum is the Best Serum Around

The Ole Henrikson Truth Serum has been a staple on my shelf for the past year.  I use it religiously every single day and find that my skin has brightened over time.  One thing you have to note with serums is that they are a long term process, meaning you’ll see results over time.

A good rule of thumb with any skincare product is to take a photo of yourself before you start the regimen and then at different intervals throughout time such as 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months etc.

ou can refer to my article here featuring my Ole Henrikson skincare review where I review

Ole Henrikson is known for their multi-varieties of skincare products that helps a certain skin problem.  They have a line for oil control, overall balancing and brightening which is where the Truth Serum falls into.  Ole Henrikson has a whole truth line and all of the products work together to bring them most brightening to the skin.

Ole Henrikson Truth Serum Application

The Truth Serum at first is puzzling as to how it helps to make your skin brighter.  If you haven’t used a serum before like myself (before this product), you may wonder what it actually does for your skin and how to apply it.  You would apply the Ole Henrikson Truth Serum on a clean face before ANY moisturizer or product.  The idea is for the serum to absorb fully under the skin so that the active products can do their thing.

After you apply the Ole Henrikson Truth Serum, think about applying your favourite moisturizer.  If you’re looking for moisturizer recommendations, I would say the Ole Henrikson Sheer Transformation Moisturizer is one of my favourites to apply after the serum and right before makeup.

Active Ingredients in the Ole Henrikson Truth Serum

The Truth Serum’s star ingredients are Vitamin C and collagen.

Vitamin C is the most important ingredient for healthy, glowing skin. Sure you could drink orange juice but you’d really have to drink a lot to get that healthy glow! The Truth Serum is enriched with orange and green tea extracts which are supposed to help with overall complexion.

The True-C Complex (trade marked by Ole Henrikson) is the ultimate source of vitamin C and provides all day hydration.  It’s enriched with antioxidant properties so it’s really nourishing for the skin.

Collagen helps firmness and plumpness so skin appears fresh and new. It helps combat dullness by promoting firmness and helps with loss of elasticity.

Results of the Ole Henrikson Truth Serum

Since I have been using it for a full year, I know that if I stop using the Truth Serum, my skin will appear dull and my makeup won’t look as smooth.  I once stopped using it for about a week and really didn’t like the way my skin looked not as healthy.  I really do stand by this product as one of my staples in my shelf which won’t change.  Even if I find another serum, I’ll combine the two.  For example, if you read my review of the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Serum, I’m able to layer these two and get the benefits of both serums.

I would definitely recommend the Ole Truth Serum to friends and the rest of the Truth Line by Ole Henrikson.

Have you guys ever tried any products from him? Let me know in the comments below!


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