Philosophy Skincare Review (Products Under $40)

Philosophy Skincare Review (Products Under $40)

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Philosophy Skincare Review

Philosophy is known for its skincare and goto moisturizers (such as Hope in a Jar).  People swear by this brand because of its long lasting effects and consistent level of quality.

Philosophy does ship to Canada and usually offers free shipping over $50 so with one moisturizer and another product you could qualify for free shipping.  Sign up for Email and Receive 15% Off at Philosophy!

The Philosophy skincare themes have been grouped on their website in the following ways:

CleansePhilosophy skincare and moisturizers that are great after you cleanse your skin in the morning or night.

Peel A treatment that will take your skin one step further and make a change you can see.

TreatA focus on Philosophy best selling moisturizers that contain an added benefit such as vitamin c or anti-aging.

I’ll give you a Philosophy skincare review of my TOP PICK for each category.  Of course, everything selected will be under $40!

The Best Philosophy Cleanser

1. Purity Made Simple – One Step Cleanser

It doesn’t get any clearer than this.  The One Step Cleanser is one of the Philosophy’s best sellers.  I’ve used this product and did feel that it made my skin a little tight.  I wasn’t too worried because I always moisturize after cleansing which I hope you do too!  It is also an Allure award winner if you like to follow that – which always wins in my book.

Also, the price on the 16 oz is $36 which is still under our $40 limit I promised for this post!

The Beset Philosophy Treatment

2. the microdelivery exfoliating wash

Ise the microdelivery exfoliating wash product after the one step cleanser. I use an exfoliator every other day, and usually use it in the shower.  With the microdelivery exfoliating wash, I really concentrate using it in the evening after I have used the purity made simple cleanser.  I find it to be less harsh than the exfoliator I use in the shower and that it fits into my night time routine.

The price on this one is only $15 for the 4 oz size which I think is enough to try the product out and decide if its for you.

micro delivery exfoliating facial wash review

The Best Philosophy Moisturizer

3. Hope in a Jar

I can’t rave about this product enough! I got a sample in the mail from Sephora and it went on so smooth.  I couldn’t stay away from the Hope in a Jar long enough if I wanted to.  I ran to the store and got the 4 oz size.  I know it’s quite pricy at $69 but you can try the 2 oz size on for $39 (still under our budget!).

I’m telling you, if there’s one moisturizer out there that you need it’s this one.  I’ve never met such a velvety smooth moisturizer that didn’t flake off when i applied my makeup.  Trust me – this is the one that has been a goto for so many beauty lovers.

Hope in a jar original formula review

…As an added bonus I’ll tell you one more secret to this Philosophy Skincare Review …

4. Renewed Hope in a Jar

There is another moisturizer called “renewed hope in a jar” which is a moisturizing mask and can be purchased for under $37 for the 4 oz.  The renewed hope in a jar is a mask that sits on top of the face.  According to the Philosophy website, it is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

I would use this product if you are like me, stuck in a winter polar vortex and your skin feels tight no matter what you do.  This product doesn’t promise to restore your faith that mother nature will calm down for a few days but it may take your mind off of it!

renewed hope in a jar review


Philosophy Skincare Gift Sets

When it comes time for Christmas, usually Philosophy will put together some amazing gift sets.  Sephora usually has the best gift sets and this one is only $80 which is definitely reasonable.

In this gift set you’ll receive the following:

  • Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash
  • Shampoo, Shower Gel and Body Wash in the scents: Apple Cider, Peppermint Stick and Amazing Grace
  • Renewed Hope in A Jar
  • Amazing Grace Firming Lotion
  • Purity Made Simple One Step Cleanser

I think for $80 this philosophy gift set is definitely worth the money for the value you’re getting in the products.

I hope you enjoyed this Philosophy skincare review! If there are three products you’re going to try, I hope you consider the ones I listed above but I find that the Philosophy brand is amazing so even if you try something else that you think is great for your skin, I think you’ll be pleased.

Since Sephora does returns no questions asked, you could always visit your nearest Sephora and purchase some of these products we discussed.  They are bound to never run of out of these Philosophy products and may even have gift sets that have smaller versions of the products that allow you to try them all.


What are some of your favourite skincare items?



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