Why You Need an Eye Cream

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Why You Need an Eye Cream

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Why you really need an eye cream!

Why the eff do we need an eye cream said the 30- something lady flailing her arms in Sephora.  What is the purpose of this seemingly useless product that keeps being shoved in my face?

K. So, I hate the idea of using something to give me hydration and pull back my face.  WTF SKIN?!

That was my mentality when I first thought of using an eye cream.  I felt that giving in to all of the advertising, especially when you guys know that (my favourite brand) Ole Henrikson released a new eye cream I figured why not try and it and see if feels right for my skin type.

The reason why we should use an eye cream is for preventative measures.  Additionally, most eye creams tighten and firm around the skin which of course, helps with seamless makeup application.

The Ole Henrikson Banana Bright Eye Cream, claims to ‘brighten and firm to allow an easy application of concealer and makeup” or so I am paraphrasing.  With the vitamin c infused formula, this product firms and hydrates the eye area preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

Banana Bright Eye Cream Review

Below is a picture on where to apply eye cream.  You do not apply eye cream under the eye. It is meant as a preventative firming product.


Where to apply eye cream

Let’s put it this way, if we are proactive in preventing wrinkles, then it will be easier to fight them into our older ages.

Yes, you really do need an eye cream but you may not need to use it everyday.

One of my other favourite eye creams is by a company called: AlumierMD.  The AlumierMD AluminEye Brightening cream won the Fashion Magazine 2017 Annual Beauty Product Award Winners.  This eye cream also highlights and brightens which adds another function and reason to need an eye cream.  Ha! See what I’m doing here?

Alumineye alumier MD

Another reason why you need an eye cream is for anti-fatigue and puffiness.  Sometimes, we don’t get enough sleep or drink enough water and our eyes end up the results of those two neglectful issues in our daily lives.

The La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes (Part of the Hydraphase product line we talked about in this post). This product not only rehydrates skin but helps with anti-puffiness.Hydraphase Intense Eye Cream La Roche Posay

There are many eye creams out there so I’ll leave you with this.  YES: You really need an eye cream but the one you choose is entirely up to you! Which is your favourite eye cream? Let me know in the comments below!

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