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Makeup Monday: An interview with Makeup Artist Bianca Boutros

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Happy Monday Beauties!

I am starting a new tradition here called Makeup Monday! I’m hoping to feature a makeup artist interview or special twist on a new post that features Makeup every Monday.

This Makeup Monday, I did a makeup artist interview with the amazing Bianca Boutros.

Makeup artist interview
Bianca Boutros

Bianca did the makeup for my wedding I’ve also known her for a long time! I loved my wedding look and got so many compliments on how it was natural looking and easy to wear while being glam at the same time.

She knows her stuff ladies and she’s so amazing to work with and is so approachable which is definitely important when choosing a makeup artist for ANY day!

Here are some questions I asked her so I hope you’ll enjoy reading Bianca’s answers:

Beauty Reviews: Tell us how/why you got your start as an artist?

Bianca – I started as an aspiring makeup artist near the end of my high school years. I was struggling at a point in my life with many big decisions, one being my career path. I’ve always loved makeup as a fun hobby but never thought of it as a full time job. My original choice was to go to school for teaching, but was in denial of what I really wanted to do. My family always thought this was something I should pursue and push myself to become an artist! So I ended up going to school for makeup and right away found a job were I can grow as a person and share my love for artistry with everyone i meet and work with. To this day I never regretted my decision for pursuing my dreams into something I thought that could never be a career but turned into one. Always follow your dreams and do what makes you happy!

Makeup Artist Interview
One of Bianca’s awesome looks

Beauty Reviews: What is your favourite makeup technique?

Bianca – My favourite makeup technique was always using scotch tape as a guide line for your eyeliner/eye makeup! When I started practicing my wing liners I always used tape to help me perfect my lines and edges so it would be quick for me to do on my own without it in the future. Still I would do this method whether I’m feeling a bit lazy or I just want a very clean, crisp line, this method never disappoints me!

Beauty Reviews –  What is the one tool or brush you can’t live without?

Bianca – I truly can’t live without my beauty blender! Ever since I started using it, I can never do my makeup without it. The purpose behind it is to help blend all your products evenly and more seamlessly, and your end result will look flawless. My makeup always looks very skin like and natural whether I’m doing full glam or more subtle, everyday looks! What I use it the most for is when I am blending out my concealer. My biggest pet peeve is when the concealer gets cakey and not smooth under the eyes, so I love dampening my sponge really well and going right away in and blending it out. The outcome of this always looks amazing!

Makeup artist interview
Another one of Bianca’s natural glam looks

Beauty Reviews – What is the one product you think nobody needs?

Bianca – The one product I’ve never been a fan of and don’t think people need is contouring powder/cream products. Over the years, people have taken contouring out of context and has been done so overboard through social media, they’ve defeated the purpose of what contouring actually is for and what affects it has. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good sculpting action, but don’t need to do it if I’m going grocery shopping. I love bronzing the skin more than anything, if i have to pick out of the two. I know they have totally different purposes for each method but just getting a beautiful bronze shade for your skin tone and place in the right sections of your face will still give you definition and a very subtle sculpt to your face shape. It brings your skin back to life with some colour and is also giving you a bit of dimension.

makeup artist interview
A beautiful smokey eye look by Bianca Boutros

Beauty Reviews – What is your all time favourite product?

Bianca – My all time favourite product would have to be mascara. The one I’ve been loving the most is the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara. This is a product that makes me feel alive whether I go full glam or no makeup at all. It really opens up my eyes and gives such volume, it makes such a difference. I always do mascara on my no makeup days but when I need to open up my eyes a little more, I always turn to mascara!

Beauty Reviews thanks you Bianca for this amazing makeup artist interview!  We loved hearing about the techniques you love and can’t wait to incorporate some of those tips in our beauty routines!

If our readers want to contact Bianca for further makeup inspiration or to book a makeup session you can reach her on the following social channels:

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