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Welcome to Beauty Reviews Canada where I’ll bring you honest beauty reviews featuring makeup and skincare reviews.  I am based out of Toronto and you can read more about who I am here.

Here are the categories I focus on for Beauty Reviews Canada in alphabetical order:

Beauty Tools

You’ll find a variety of articles about beauty tools especially beauty blenders vs. brushes which you can read here!  I also love buying a variety of makeup brushes and on average have about 2 brushes for each part of the face.  I know it may seem like a lot but really, your beauty tools are like actors in a play!

Beauty Trends

I’m all about beauty trends especially for the seasons.  Makeup beauty trends change so often it is sometimes hard to keep up.  I’ll be reporting as a Canadian Beauty Blogger to get you the latest beauty trends hot off the presses.  Also, follow me on Instagram @Beautyreviewsca because I tend to post the latest makeup and skincare trends on there.

Blush Reviews

Blush is one of my favourite things to buy! I’m a huge fan of NARS blushes.  Check out my review of the NARS Cheek Palette in my post on Sephora VIB Spring Sale 2018 Haul!  Usually, I tend to favour powder blushes but sometimes I move into cream blushes such as the Glossier Cloud Paint which I speak about in the 5 products for no makeup makeup post.

Top Makeup and Skincare Brands

It’s really important to know which brands are your go tos.  I’ll break down my top makeup and skincare brands in a seperate page which you can read!

Buying Guides

Buying guides are super important when it comes to makeup because there are often so many products it’s really hard to know where to start if you’re looking for a specific look.  Also, because makeup is expensive, I’ll give you the latest scoop on which products are worth splurging for and which you should save.

Drugstore Makeup

I speak a lot about drugstore makeup on Beauty Reviews Canada and I would like to increase it more.  I do think that drugstore brands are catching up technology wise to luxury brands and I think we are almost there in terms of product.  Also, for Canadians Shoppers Drugmart just launched drugstore beauty which is finally available to be bought online!  Click here to shop Shoppers Drugmart Beauty BOUTIQUE.


Everyone loves a good dupe! A dupe is a duplicate of a product from one brand to another.  A great example of a dupe that beauty bloggers love is finding a luxury product that resembles a cheaper and just as effective drugstore option.  Here is a great example of a post I wrote featuring the NARS Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm Dupe. 

Eye Makeup Reviews

If you know me – you’ll know I LOVE eyeshadow and even an article on the Best eyeshadow palettes for 2018.  I’ve written a number of blog posts about eyeshadow palettes and reviews.  I personally think we may have seen enough of the eyeshadow palette but all of these big brands keep making new ones.  Just wait until Christmas 2018 to see all of the eyeshadow palettes that come out!

Face Mask Reviews

I’m obsessed with face masks and sheet masks in particular! I did a lot of research into face masks (read the article here) and I’m always into trying new ones.  Have you heard of the Dr. Jart+ Magnetic Mask? Be sure to read the article here and watch my 1 minute tutorial of how to use it! It’s so much fun and skin feels amazing.

Foundation Reviews

It’s really important to keep testing out foundations to find ones that you really love.  It’s also important to ensure you are changing your foundation routines throughout the year depending on seasons.  You may want a fuller coverage in the winter and a lighter one in the summer.  Check out this beauty review I did on the Best Sheer Foundations (it’s a hot one!)

Lipstick Reviews

I love lipstick! I think I carry about 5 on me at all times for those “just in case moments”.  I love both luxury and drugstore lipsticks.  I think my top 3 favourite lipstick brands are: MAC Cosmetics, Maybelline and Dior.  A mix of high and low makes me really happy too – I have to fill you in on my experience at the Bite Beauty Lab in Toronto as I made my very own lipstick colour!

Makeup Reviews

Makeup reviews is really one of the main focus features on Beauty Reviews Canada.  I do focus on skincare but as a makeup lover, I love reviewing both makeup and skincare.

Makeup Sales

Makeup sales are a fun one! I’m really into seeing how much I can really get that’s on sale.  Sephora has an amazing sale section where I’ve created a page that I will be updating weekly! Check out my Sephora Sale Page here. 

Mascara Reviews

I do wear mascara daily but right now I think this is where I’m open to expanding to different brands.  Benefit makes my favourite mascaras and I tend to use mainly the top three.  I did a review of the new badGAL Bang! Mascara when it came out.  Read the review here. 

Moisturizer Reviews

I am a moisturizer junkie but most importantly, it’s important to treat your skin by hydrating it from the outside.  I am a big fan of the brand Ole Henrikson and you can read all about my top 4 moisturizers review here.

Powder Reviews

I guess powder or setting powder is an area where I haven’t explored in too much detail yet.  I love the Makeup Forever setting powder which is what I’m using right now.

Skincare Reviews

Like I said, I love skincare and skincare reviews are definitely a focus of Beauty Reviews Canada.  I’m going to be talking a lot about skincare so if you’re a fan definitely check me out!  I am also a big fan of Korean Beauty right now and you can read about my favourite brands in this article: The Best Asian Skincare Brands Right Now.

Skincare Trends

As there are a lot of skincare trends out right now such as Korean Beauty and masking, Beauty Reviews Canada will bring you the latest in skincare trends so watch out!