Review and Dupes of The Burn Book Eyeshadow Palette

Review and Dupes of The Burn Book Eyeshadow Palette

Burn Book Eyeshadow Palette Review

Do you LOVE the movie Mean Girls? I think I’ve watched it over 50 times for sure.  I pretty much would give up an entire Sunday to veg out and watch this movie without thinking about it.

The good news is that now you can own your own piece of the Mean Girls Burn Book in eye shadow form – that’s totally fetch right?!

Ulta Beauty is the place to buy the Mean Girls Burn Book Eye Shadow Palette if you are from Canada because they ship easily and charge duties up front.  They carry a whole line of Storybook eye shadow palette themes such as: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wizards and Wizardry themed.

***UPDATE – This is now sold out but if you follow me on Instagram @Beautyreviewsca I’ll let you know when it’s back in stock. ***

The palette is also a great combination of warm and cool tones which a lot of you will be happy about!

Is the Mean Girls Burn Book Eye Shadow Palette Worth It?

The Burn Book Eye Shadow Palette has gotten almost perfect reviews on Ulta Beauty’s website.  The colours are easily blendable and people seem to think you can make a variety of different looks.  The Burn Book contains all types of textures including matte, pearl and shimmer finishes.

The colours in the book range from hot pinks to mean greens which is perfect for the sweet and sassy mean girl within!

mean girls burn book eyeshadow palette

The price of the Mean Girls Burn Book is $55 Canadian which is a tad bit pricey considering what an Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Palette Costs.  However, if you love the movie, I feel that the burn book is the best piece of nostalgia that you can own so who can put a price on that?

Mean Girls Burn Book Eye Shadow Palette Dupes

Since the Burn Book is out of stock, there has got to be some other palettes that allow you to get the same look! Here are a few Mean Girls Burn Book Eye Shadow Dupes that I have managed to find in singles.  They match up with the same colours in the burn book!

mean girls burn book dupes
Dupes that I found of the Mean Girls Burn Book

From top left (across):

Is Butter a Carb? Regina George used to ask that when she was trying to gain weight because all she could eat were carbs! Ha! ‘Slay’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a buttery gold shimmer that totally rocks!

Grool? I meant to say ‘cool’ then I started to say great. How much do you love that phrase? I do this all the time – mixing words together to make new ones.  Such a mean girls thing! I chose ‘Olive Green’ by Shu Umera because it’s the perfect shimmery olive colour to carry you through fall.

Glen Coco – I never understood reference but oh well.  This colour being a matte brown is a perfect addition to this palette.  ‘Chai’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills is the perfect dark brown especially for in your crease for this Mean Girls Palette.

So Fetch – Can you not picture Gretchn Weiners wining about Toaster Strudel? It’s only fitting that ‘So Fetch’ so is orange! ‘Burnt Orange’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my favourite shades.  She’s even wearing the shirt in the picture below! Now THAT’S Fetch!

mean girls eyeshadow palette

Wednesday – On Wednesday we wear pink of course! Kylie Jenner created the perfect pink which is an eye shadow single called ‘Ma$e’.  I can totally see Regina George leading the pack wearing this colour.

She doesn’t even go here – which is supposed to represent a Kalteen bar that Regina George used to gain weight! The best dupe of this is ‘Beauty Mark’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

The Plastics – Think of everything in white plastic being extremely fake. ‘Tassel White; from Colourpop is a super shock shadow that has a hint of shimmer to it.  Definitely on plastic point!

Regina George – She’s the queen of that school and always wears the perfect soft pink. ‘Touch of Lilac’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills is the most perfect pink colour I could find!

regina george gif mean girls

Mouse…Duh – Who doesn’t love Karen?! She was one of my favourites because she’s so innocent and cute but seriously so dumb! ‘Venice’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a light blue shimmer which is the perfect dupe for this shade.

You Can’t Sit With Us – Of course, the standard pink makes its appearance especially for this line.  I thought that ‘Soft Peach’ from Anastasia Beverly Hills is the perfect light pink for this situation.

Cool Mom – Who didn’t like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls? She certainly was a cool mom, hence the cool blue shade.  ‘Tiny Tangerines’ also from Anastasia Beverly Hills is the perfect fun blue shimmer that I could totally see her wearing.

amy poehler mean girls

October 3rd – We all knew that Aaron asked Cady what day it was and of course it was October 3rd which is now known as Mean Girls Day! ‘Prussian Blue’ also by Anastasia Beverly Hills is the right colour for this pick!

If you’re looking for Mean Girls Burn Book Dupes I’ve given you a lot of eye shadow singles to consider.  Most of them come from Anastasia Beverly Hills but I love the formula of these eye shadows so I stand by my recommendation!

Do you think you’ll pick up the mean girls burn book when it comes back into stock?

Let me know and stay tuned!

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