The Best Asian Skincare Brands Right Now (IMO)

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The Best Asian Skincare Brands Right Now (IMO)

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Best Asian Skincare Brands RIGHT NOW

There are so many Asian skincare tips out there such as Korean and Japanese and you can go crazy following all of the skincare tips and Korean skincare steps!  Most of Korean skin care beauty contains 7 to 10 steps minimum.  I’m focusing on the best Asian skincare brands I’m loving that aren’t too complicated.

The two best Asian skincare brands that I’m currently loving are Laneige and Tatcha.  These are simple in packaging and also in steps.  You don’t need many products to get started.   Let’s dive into the two best Asian skincare brands that are on my radar:

Laneige focuses on their own water Science and pride themselves on helping bring out your best features with hydration. Laneige means snow in French and of course, the essence of snow is…water! The company was founding in 1994 in South Korea. Main ingredients focus on magnesium and similar to Tatcha (discussed below) focuses on food that nourishes the soul such as: green tea and other botanical extracts.

There are two products that Laneige is known for right now that are currently trending.

1. Lip Sleeping Mask

Leneige Lip Mask Review

You can read the review of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask that I did here.  This lip mask has been a favourite review and product on Temptalia and Sephora.  It even won the 2018 Glamour Beauty Awards! There is literally not one bad review about it.  I feel that this product just softens and protects and is super easy to apply – not to mention it smells AH-MAY-ZING.

2. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Review

I got the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask as a deluxe item and I thought why not try it. I didn’t know what to expect and thought it would end up being really sticky.  However, I LOVE this product.  It feels like silk when you put it on your finger.  When you rub this product into your skin it feels like velvet.  Trust me I have no idea how this Korean beauty product can feel better than my other favourite water based moisturizers but there is something special about this.

When I woke up in the morning from using the Water Sleeping Mask,  my skin felt so soft and looked like glass which is one of the Korean beauty skin care tips lingering out there.

Shop: 1. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask – $25 (USD) 2. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – $20 (USD)

Laneige also has more of the water based line which includes a portable on the go sheet mask. Sheet masks are a big staple in Korean beauty and I tend to LOVE them about 1x a week.  Below are two masks that you can purchase from Laneige (click on the image to visit the site!).

These Laneige sheet masks range from #1 for ‘skin relief’ to #6 for ‘time freeze’ which is more of a heavy duty anti-aging agent.  I reccomend the middle option #4  for ‘water bank’ if you’re looking for the ultimate hydration.  All of these are only $6 USD and are the perfect little pick-me-up mid-week!


Or, if you’re feeling that you want to try more of a regimen, I’m really big on trying samples first.  Check this sample kit from Laneige which includes the Water Sleeping Mask!

Laneige Water Mask Review
Laneige Hydrating Trial Kit 5pc – $25 USD


Tatcha was started by Victoria Tsai, who was looking for simplicity to help with her skincare issues.  U.S. and Japanese scientists work together on this amazing Japanese skincare line to emulate the similar diet that is eaten in Japan such as: green tea, rice and algae.  The secret behind this line is to be gentle yet effective.

Let’s talk about two products by Tatcha I’m currently loving:

The Water Cream

You may be hearing a LOT about the Tatcha Water Cream.  I tried this product yesterday after cleansing with another cleanser and wow, the entire day my freckles shone through and my skin looked amazing with minimal makeup.  The Water Cream does smell a bit like menthol but then you get this amazing soothing feeling which is totally worth it.

The Deep Cleanse

The Deep Cleanse by Tatcha is a clarifying Japanese Luffa Fruit Extract for normal to oily skin.  It has a bit of particles for a soft exfoliating experience.  It smells like menthol but has this amazing cooling and tingling feeling so you know it’s working.

Tatcha is an incredible line that I hope to explore more about.  Their packaging is gorgeous and sleek, similar to Laneige.

As you can see, I only speak of two products per each brand that feels like it’s enough for me.  Of course, I encourage you to take a look at of the rest of the product lines from Laneige and Tatcha.

There are a ton of other skincare brands out there but right now I feel that these two are the best Asian skincare brands right now.  Whether you choose a 10 step Korean skincare regimen or opt for a shorter one these Asian skincare brands are changing the skincare game.

Let me know what you think the best Asian skincare brands are because I’m always looking to try new and innovative skincare lines.

Hope you enjoyed reading about one of my favourite topics: skincare!

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