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Anastasia Stick Foundation in Shadow

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The Anastasia stick foundation is my favourite contouring product EVER.  I know there are a lot of actual foundation sticks out there but this one is the best and I’ll tell you why in 3 main reasons:

  1. It allows for easy blendable lines.  I’m SO bad at using this type of foundation stick for my daily routine but knowing that it blends in easily, I don’t worry as much if I’m contouring correctly.
  2. It is soft and buttery.  You know that feeling when you put something on your skin and want to rub it all over? Yah that is this stick.
  3. The colour is a perfect shade that doesn’t come out too dark for my skin. I have fair skin and sometimes contour colours are too strong for me so this one along with the blendable nature I discussed early, seems to give me a hint of colour without overpowering my whole look.

Anastasia stick foundation is easy to apply as well.  The softness of this product is really helpful for blending with a beauty blender but also, it gives an even tone all around. It doesn’t crumble or crease as well.

The Anastasia brand is known for its eyebrow makeup, pencils and sculpting pots.  I LOVE some of these products and they are my everyday go to, especially the brow wiz! More on that to come but this line of products is perfect for someone who is looking for luxury beauty products but not yet ready to take the plunge with Dior or YSL.

Anastasia stick foundation does come in a variety of colours depending on what you want to use them for.  They range from actual foundation to contouring as I have given you my points above about why I love this foundation stick.  Of course, available at Sephora.  Click here to view the entire line.

Anastasia Stick Foundation Review