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I’m a Canadian beauty blogger that loves what I do. I pays attention to new products and trends that are hot in the market. I have a desire to lend tips and tricks to those who may not know where to start with beauty and makeup products.

I started out wanting to be a Canadian beauty blogger because all of my friends would ask me which products to buy. I was encouraged to take my passion online and share my opinions with you all.

All of the reviews expressed on BeautyReviews.ca are my own.  I will pledge to be as honest as possible. If I am approached by brands, I’ll let you know ;).

I am going to focus on makeup reviews, skincare reviews and overall beauty reviews. There are a ton of Canadian beauty bloggers in this space and I hope you’ll enjoy this website and please follow me on social media!

Also, if there is every a beauty review that you disagree with – always make sure to voice your opinion in the comments section. As someone who values honesty – I’m happy to address all product concerns. As many other beauty bloggers love to post about great brands, I want to be sure the brands I’m coming to you with are relevant and truthful.

You’ll also see a lot of luxury products but that doesn’t mean I’ll ignore drugstore beauty as well. I love drugstore products and always look for drugstore and luxury dupes so you don’t always have to spend as much money to look great!

I hope to join the ranks of other Canadian beauty bloggers on this journey because I know these beauty review sites take a lot of hard work and effort. I will do my best to stay on top of the trends and deliver content of value!


Canadian Beauty Blogger