40 of the Best Beauty Blogs RIGHT NOW

40 of the Best Beauty Blogs RIGHT NOW

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Of course, you know my number one favourite of the best beauty blogs is my own: Beauty Reviews Canada.  There are so many other bloggers that I admire that I wanted to compile a list of the best beauty blogs so that you can have an easy way to follow and curate your favourite lists also!

Beauty bloggers spend a lot of hard work and energy to make their blogs fresh and new.  There are definitely reasons why some of the best beauty blogs are in this list of 40.

Let’s get into the list of the best beauty blogs and if I’ve missed any, feel free to list some in the comments below!

The Best Beauty Blogs

1. Into the glossInto the gloss beauty blog

If you love Glossier, you’ll love this blog that is actually built by the members of Glossier in 2010.  Into the Gloss is a lifestyle blog focused on beauty which led Emily Weiss to create Glossier products in 2014.  Glossier is a modern makeup brand that has a high emphasis on skincare products. Into The Gloss focuses on Makeup, Skincare, Hair and Interviews of those influential people you know and love.  The great thing about this blog is that you’re getting trending products that aren’t only from Glossier’s product line.

2. Makeup.com

makeup.com blog

If you are into Makeup, it’s pretty obvious that Makeup.com is one of the best places to look for makeup reviews and tips.  Am I right? I love Makeup.com because they organize their website by feature but also by seasonal trending makeup. They also use bright colours and imagery to get the point across.  Makeup.com is also owned by L’Oreal so you know you are bound to get some quality makeup pointers.

3. Beauty Is Boring

beauty is boring blog

If you love imagery and bold makeup looks (or maybe not so bold), Beauty is Boring is the perfect blog for forward thinkers.  Robin Black owns this blog and she’s extremely creative in all of her work. She’s going for an editorial aesthetic and has been featured in Vogue a number of times.  You’ll never be boring with this blog – promise!

You can read more about Robin Black’s journey here: http://beautyisboring.com/about/

4. Prime Beauty Blog

Prime Beauty Blog

Prime Beauty Blog is an up to date beauty blog focusing on women who are over 40.  Cindy ensures her posts feature the latest in beauty and skincare but from another point of view.  Cindy hopes to inspire her readers with tips, tricks, product reviews and giveaways! Of course, readers under 40 can also gain a lot of value out of her blog so I encourage everyone to read and subscribe!

5. Beauty Bulletins

Beauty Bulletins Blog

Beauty Bulletins focuses on cruelty free makeup and skincare.  Beauty Bulletins focuses on brands that are cruelty free but also dupes of brands that aren’t cruelty free and she gives you a ton of options.  

6. Makeup and Beauty Blog

makeup and beauty blog

With over 10 years of experience, Makeup and Beauty Blog is run by Karen who describes her blog as an online magazine that highlights all about her love of makeup.  Her favourite brand is MAC so you’ll be seeing a lot of products surrounding that and of course smokey eyeshadow looks!

7. Caroline Hirons

Caroline Hirons Blog

Caroline Hirons is a globally qualified advanced technician.  She is contracted and trained by over 100 brands including: Pixi, Herbavoire and more.  She’s been in the retail space for over 34 years and counting and continues to be an expert in this industry.  She posts about 1x per week and she focuses on round ups and giveaways to name a few of my favourite posts on her blog.

8. The Beauty Department

best beauty blogs

The Beauty Department was started by the one and only Kristen Ess along with Amy Nadine.   focuses on how twos and tutorials for the latest in makeup, skin and haircare. One of my favourite posts right now is three minute makeup and their favourite mascara technique.  They focus on helping women find easy ways to look their best and promote confidence. A win-win with this blog!

9. Beauty That Walks

best beauty blogs

Beauty That Walks doesn’t only focus on makeup but more about the lifestyle and how makeup can be incorporated into your everyday life.  In terms of beauty, Beauty that Walks is very honest with their reviews and tries to show specific application of her favourite products.

10. Glossy Polish

Glossy Polish Blog

Glossy Polish is one of the more honest beauty blogs I have come across.  Sone focuses on acne and skincare troubles and recommends the best products based on your skin type.  Glossy Polish also features home remedies and D.I.Y. beauty projects where you can create your own beauty remedies from scratch.

11. Hooked On Beauty

hooked on beauty blog

Hooked on Beauty is run by Carissa since 2007, and not only does celebrity bridal makeup but focuses on how to get great beauty products for less.  I love the different aspects on her blog that either talk about ‘green beauty’, tips and tricks and specific medical treatments where you can follow along her journey.

12. Kimberly Loc

Best Beauty Blogs Kimberly Loc

Kimberly Loc started her blog in 2010 and focuses on green beauty before that was even a thing! Based out of Kansas City, she has an impressive freelance resume as well as has a body oil where she collaborated with Rachel’s Plan Bee which is a well known green beauty brand.

13. Musings of a Muse


Musings of a Muse is one of my favourite beauty reviews blogs ever.  She honestly inspires me to keep going on my own product reviews. I find that Musings of a Muse keeps up with the latest beauty products and I can always count on her to be honest with the latest product launches.  Also, I appreciate how short the posts are because sometimes I just want small snippets of information and she always delivers.

14. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is one of the world’s best beauty bloggers.  She is very professional in everything that she does and her website and YouTube videos are top notch with over 1.8 million subscribers.  Lisa is a highly respected makeup artist and has lived all over the world. If you’re looking to aspire to a blogger who has been in the business for a long time, be sure to follow Lisa.

15. The Wanderlust Project

the wanderlust project

The Wanderlust Project features a lot about Korean cosmetics and skincare.  2018 has allowed the Korean market to be well known for their skincare 10 step regimen and Sheryll goes into this topic deeply. Among her favourites, she talks about Laneige skincare which is one of my favourite products right now *especially the lip sleeping mask* (read the review here).

16. Miss Whoever You Are

miss whoever you are blog

This roundup post of beauty bloggers has become so inspiring to me.  I stumbled upon Miss Whoever You Are while during my research. She has an added flair to her videos and comes across as truly authentic and strong in her opinions.  I also like her about me page where you can get to know her in 100 facts about her. She not only focuses on beauty but fashion as well which makes this a front runner that I’ve started to follow her on social media.

17. Beauty Look Book

beauty look book blog

There’s one post in particular that I love on this blog and it’s a round up of Sabrina’s top products and beauty favourites.  All of her photos are so crisp and clean and laid out so perfectly. It’s really hard to take photos and edit them so clearly and labels each one perfectly so her thoughts are easy to follow.  On Instagram she has over 80,000 followers so I would say Sabrina is an established beauty blogger to say the least!

18. Beauty Banter

beauty banter

I love a good banter and Sarah Howard (her father started Makeup Forever) from Beauty Banter definitely gives me the information I crave about my skin. Skincare ranks highly here over makeup and I find that their posts are short and sweet while uncovering certain tricks and tips that I take with me.  I get somewhat of a “Glossier” vibe from Beauty Banter which is great because I get another take on the natural beauty look.

19. My Thirty Spot

thirty spot beauty blog

My Thirty Spot is run by Erin Kennedy, a thirty-something female who’s making life in their thirties better all around! She focuses on being yourself no matter what your age is and celebrates being single and living her best life.  She does focus on beauty but there are other elements to her lifestyle which she lets you in on.

20. Wakeup For Makeup

wakeup for makeup blog

Wakeup For Makeup is a blog featuring Ivy who is a makeup artist.  She got her start in 2004 and has been going on strong. What you’ll get out of Wakeup For Makeup are beauty reviews, lots of gift guides and lots of deals on makeup and skincare.  Ivy has even won blogger of the year before so you’ll definitely want to trust her because she won’t steer your wrong!

21. Beautypedia


Beautypedia is more like a website than it is a blog but I still wanted to feature this beauty blog because you can basically find reviews about any beauty product you’re craving.  What I love about Beautypedia is that they do a lot of drugstore makeup and skincare reviews which a lot of other beauty bloggers stay away from unless they recieve it in PR. One of the big reasons I love beautypedia is that they aren’t afraid to be controversial or talk about products they really don’t like.    

22. Collective Beauty Blog

collective beauty blog best

Collective Beauty Blog is run by Julie – a mom with a passion for all things beauty that got her start in 2011.  Julie reviews the latest in beauty products and does a lot of makeup looks that make it easy to follow using the products she reviews.  

23. Makeup Tutorials

makeup tutorials

Makeup Tutorials is exactly what you think it is! If you have any specific concern such as “How to apply foundation” or more general makeup questions, all you have to do is search for it on Makeup Tutorials.  They also include easy to follow how to apply makeup videos.

24. The Honest Beauty Review

honest beauty review blog

If you’re looking for strictly honest beauty reviews, visit The Honest Beauty Review.  This website is so pretty because it’s white, light and airy and I always love beauty blogs that are pretty and easy to follow.  Lauren is honest about her decision to purchase more cruelty free beauty products but won’t alienate her favourite brands just yet.  This is relatable to myself as a Beauty Blogger because while I am more aware of cruelty free brands, I still love brands that haven’t yet labeled themselves as cruelty free.

25. Makeup and Makeover

makeup and made over

Makeup and Makeover talks about makeup, skincare but also culture and wellness.  One of my favourite posts is “Suck it Up Sick Days” which helps you look your best when you’re feeling sick.  How many of us could use a post like that? I love beauty blogs that incorporate posts that aren’t specifically focused on one product but a range of products to help you in a specific situation.

26. Beauty Deals Blog

beauty deals blog

Beauty Deals Blog is just that – a blog featuring the best beauty deals you can find on the Internet.  This blog is all about bargain hunting for makeup deals at your favourite retailers such as Sephora and Nordstrom.  Make sure you bookmark this blog to get the latest deals before they expire.

27. Cult of Pretty

cult of pretty

Cult of Pretty features indie brands that you haven’t ever heard of.  These are smaller beauty brands that help you figure out the best products for you without the frills.  Each posts focuses on a few products that you can discover while looking at some avant garde pictures.  They’ve also curated their own shop as well as a recommended products page so you don’t have to hunt to find the products you love that they recommend. 

28. Beauty Bets

beauty bets blog

Beauty Bets is all about advice for beauty on a budget which includes makeup steals and deals as well as DIY facemasks and skincare recommendations.  Top posts that I love include: “The Best of Lip Stains” and “Non Toxic Beauty Buys”. Beauty Bets features the wellness that comes with beauty so you’re not only getting product reviews but an in depth look at how beauty and skincare affect your everyday life.  

29. Beautiful Makeup Search

beautiful makeup search

Beautiful Makeup Search was started by a mother and daughter super duo! Teri and Caci have been curated the best of beauty for quite some time now and it seems like they have a lot of fun bonding over makeup! I love their featured posts as well as the recent product updates.  Their site is very well laid out so it’s easy to get lost in all of the great posts!

30. The Beauty Girl

the beauty girl blog review

The Beauty Girl was stared by Nicole Pearl who is a well known personality.  She got her start in the magazine business and took to writing a blog for her creative outlet.  She’s even written a big about self love so you should check that out! One of my favorite things about this website is that she has a great personality and loves making beauty simple!

Best Beauty Blogs in Canada

There are so many great beauty blogs out there but I wanted to separate the Canadian Beauty Bloggers because we need to celebrate the Canadian talent! So many of the Canadian beauty bloggers out there work really hard and create meaningful content geared toward Canadians.

31. Makeup Your Mind

makeup your mind canadian beauty blogger

Chelle is from Toronto, Canada and she’s one of my favourite beauty bloggers as well as an avid Youtuber.  She’s super real and focuses on products that work for her and is quite honest about what doesn’t. She’s also great at up close product shots and swatches so you can get the full picture of the products before you makeup your mind (see what I did there?).

32. Amanda Glow Getter

amanda glow getter

Amanda is from Ottawa, Ontario and her approach to beauty reviews is truly authentic.  She focuses on YouTube but also does a number of round ups that are relatable and super informative.  Amanda is also really relatable in her videos and creates content consistently to keep you fresh and updated weekly.

33. Daly Beauty

canadian beauty blogger daly beauty

Jane Daly is the owner of her amazing blog Daly Beauty.  She’s a perfume expert and can tell you the perfume you’re wearing just by smelling you! She has over 200 bottles of perfume and counting which is quite an impressive collection.  Jane is going to be releasing a perfume shortly so be sure to follow her on your favourite social media platform so you don’t miss the big release!

34. Toronto Beauty Reviews

toronto beauty reviews

Since I live in Toronto, Toronto Beauty Reviews is a website I naturally gravitate to.  Elaine started this website in 2010 and since then has established herself as an expert in the beauty industry.  There are a number of different writers so you get a number of unique experiences from a Canadian perspective.

35. Estee Lalonde

Estee Lalonde is a Canadian beauty who is from London Ontario and creates weekly YouTube videos.  She writes about beauty products from both perspectives: luxury and drugstore. Her photos on her blog are unique to her and she spends a ton of time creating round ups which is another favourite list of mine. She also a jewellery collection with daisey_jewellery which makes beautiful simple jewellery and adornments.

36. Ommorphia Beauty Bar

ommorphia beauty blog best beauty bloggers

Eugenia lives in Montreal Quebec and started Ommorphia Beauty Bar because she loves beauty, photography and writing.  Her aesthetic is to be simple yet elegant which takes hours to get just right. Ommorphia Beauty Bar focuses on higher end luxury brands such as Cle de Peau, Sisley and NARS.  She takes gorgeous photos and each are unique and her own. I definitely suggest you bookmark Ommorphia Beauty Bar if not only for the photography but for the specific view into luxury beauty.

37. Liner, Glitter, Gloss

liner glitter gloss blog canada

I honestly love Dee’s blog.  I follow her on Instagram and find she’s extremely real and I love watching her chronicle her adventures around Toronto.  She’s been doing this for quite awhile and focuses on beauty first followed by travel and style. Dee has been fortunate to work with some amazing brands: Benefit Cosmetics, L’Oreal and Dior.  I like her because she talks about so many different brands high and low.

38. Canadian Fashionista

canadian fashionista canadian blogger best canada blogger

Amber is one of the longest running beauty and lifestyle bloggers in Canada that I know of.  She has gotten amazing with her photography skills and follows the latest trends. She also LOVES pink so if that’s your thing you’ll love her photos.  Amber does focus on beauty and I find she rotates that into her rotation of topics weekly so definitely check her out on Instagram as well.

39. Super Nova Beauty Blog

supernova beauty blogger canada

If you read the background on how Super Nova Beauty Blog got started, you’ll see that Nova didn’t realize her love of makeup until around 2016.  She has a passion for skincare and nails as you’ll see as soon as you visit her website. She’s also great at categorizing her reviews and updates the website quite often that you’ll never have a lack of content if you visit weekly!

40. Miranda Loves

miranda loves

Miranda not only has an amazing beauty blog but she’s based in Toronto and she’s one of my favourite Instagrammers! She does beauty reviews but I think my favourite part of her brand is her makeup application when she does her eyeshadow.  Of course, as the name says it: Miranda Loves – she does feature other categories she loves such as lifestyle, cooking and being a mommy! Check out Miranda loves – you’ll be instantly hooked!

All of these beauty bloggers should be celebrated for all of their hard work, dedication and honesty.  Everyone of them puts a lot of effort into each post so please make sure you like and share.

So, here’s your top 40 of the best beauty blogs I’m loving right now.  However, this list isn’t fully done – I’ll keep adding as I go along and if any of you feel that you should be on this list, please leave your beauty blog in the comments below and I’ll be sure to keep adding all of you lovelies!

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